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Mission: Dorrance Clergy and Laity Coaching exists to empower highly functional leaders to take the next step in leading their ministry towards a preferred future that becomes the next faithful step. Coaching provides high impact transformative results for leaders who desire to be all God created them to be. The coach uses transformative visioning questions to empower the coachee to identify areas of needed development or change, and then the coachee is encouraged to take action to lead into the vision of the next faithful step. Accountability to that next faithful step is part of the coaching process. 

Maybe you need to discern your next steps at work or maybe you have lived with challenges all of your life that you want to change. Maybe you have personal achievement goals and want to advance in many areas of  your life, but your are stuck.  Coaching might be your answer.  As a coach, I can help you discern next steps in the areas that have you stuck in your life.  As a person who has been there in that stuck place, I can walk beside you to help you see how to unlock the potential you have to move forward towards your "next steps."  As a pastor and a former resource guide on the Baltimore Washington Conference, I have coached many pastors as they took their next step in faithfully leading their congregations.  

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